Prinsu Design Studio Ambassador Affiliate Program

As an ambassador for Prinsu Design Studio, you have the opportunity to participate in our affiliate program.

You can earn commissions by referring customers to purchase Prinsu manufactured products. 

To participate in our Affiliate Program, please complete your registration and read through the terms & conditions. 

Prinsu Design Studio Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Affiliates earn a flat rate of 5% on all Prinsu brand accessories and merchandise.

Affiliates earn a flat rate of 10% on all Prinsu armor and racks.

CBI Bikes affiliates will earn a flat rate of 5% on all CBI Bikes & components/gear etc. (must be approved to be a CBI Bikes affiliate)

Commissions will be paid out by the 10th of each month via Paypal.

Coupon codes for your audiences are available at a 5% discount based on working out a promotion with Chelsey Eddins. In this event, affiliates would earn a discounted percentage with the use of coupon codes; 5% instead of 10%, and 2.5% instead of 5%. These discounts will be based on promotional schedules, not an ongoing offer available to your followers. 

Affiliates will still earn a percentage on sale items but only a percentage of the sale price, not the MSRP price. 

Commissions can not be earned on gift certificate purchases or purchases made by dealers. *There will be another exception to this but that information will not announced until September 1st. 

Affiliates will need to have accounts set up on each site separately. For example, if you are a CBI Ambassador and wish to be linked to both the CBI and Prinsu websites to promote Prinsu racks, you may have affiliate accounts established on both or choose to just push all referrals to the CBI site where they can purchase both CBI and Prinsu products. 

*We reserve the right to update, alter, or amend the terms and conditions of the CBI Offroad Fab LLC and Prinsu Design Studio Affiliate Program without notice. 

Ambassador Discounts

We value each of you and the creative eye and talent you have to represent the outdoor lifestyle. As our brands continue to grow and expand, we want to be the company and friends you reach out to. 
If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle, add armor, or simply replace another product on your vehicle with a CBI/Prinsu product – we want to help you make it happen! Please give Mike a call in our office and he can extend some great deals for you to help you build your vehicle and help you become fully CBI Equipped. 
Shop our CBI Offroad Armor, our Prinsu Roof and Top Racks, and our CBI Bikes and Skateboards. We want to support you and welcome you to be a part of our CBI family and all of our brands.