Pricing & Orders

We want to help you get your pricing and order questions answered. If you don’t find your questions on here, feel free to contact us.

We do offer military service men and women a discount of 5%. To receive this discount, please send your identification to our team at and they will send you a discount code.

Once you place your order, our Operations office will enter the order into our system. We will email you a sales order, which you can use to reference your order if you have any questions. Once your order is ready to ship, we will send you your invoice and tracking number, and your product will ship that day. From there the standard shipping times will apply, depending on how the product is shipped.

We do our very best to get the product out in a timely manner. The estimated date provided on your order is just that: an estimate. It is not a guarantee that the product will be shipped on that date. The estimated date is given to provide some sense of how long the build process will take. In the best cases, the lead time can be shorter. In other cases, lead times can be longer, depending on the product and the number of products we build per run. Feel free to check on your order at any time. Be aware that our customer service team may not be able to give you an exact date for completion, but rest assured we are tracking your order and it will be built in the order that it was received.

CBI strives to provide a various selection of products for your overlanding needs, and this includes products that are manufactured and/or sourced through third party vendors. Please be advised that availability and lead times of those products not manufactured by CBI directly are solely impacted by the third party vendor’s schedule and not CBI’s. Any potential delay that occurs in the sourcing, processing, or drop shipment at the the third party level will be communicated to the best of our ability to the customer. CBI reserves the right to cancel items from an order, offer an alternative substitution, or issue refunds accordingly when products are delayed at an unacceptable time frame or at the request of the customer.

Once your order is shipped, we will email you with an invoice containing the tracking number for the freight carrier we are using. Once the shipment arrives to your local terminal, they will call to arrange a delivery appointment with you. You will need to be there or have someone be present to sign for the shipment. **NOTICE– it is good practice to inspect the product before signing for it to ensure the product is not damaged, which would need to be noted on the paperwork before signing for it.

Product Questions

Our roof racks are made for you to explore. We want to ensure you get your questions answered before your next adventure.

Our roof racks are designed to never touch or interfere with sunroofs. They do get close. You can still use your sunroof with the roof rack but depending on the placement of your load panels, you may not have as much direct sunlight entering your vehicle.

The habitat rack is designed to be half of our full CABRACK, and designed for those who have an in the bed camper that over hangs the back part of the cab. This includes brands such as, Adventure Trailers Habitat, 4 wheel campers, Go Fast Campers, and Alucab. It allows you to have some usable rack space on the front half of the cab.

The biggest benefit from one over the other is one you do not have to drill into the roof of your vehicle. Both will function very much in the same way. However, on the drill option it never hurts to have that added fixed point of contact on top when carrying heavier things such as roof top tents.

Our roof rack will hold a roof top tent and 2-3 people, so about 600 lbs of static weight and about 300 lbs of dynamic weight.

*DISCLAIMER: we do not have our rack weight rated, but we have field tested them.


Though crossbars aren’t a product, questions tend to be asked about them. Find all your crossbar needs here.

The single clear crossbar is used to mount the wind deflector. This crossbar is not visible after installation.

The 1×1 crossbar is being phased out of our roof rack systems. We now suggest mounting the 2×1 vertically instead of horizontally.