Product Questions

Our roof racks are designed to never touch or interfere with sunroofs. They do get close. You can still use your sunroof with the roof rack but depending on the placement of your load panels, you may not have as much direct sunlight entering your vehicle.

The habitat rack is designed to be half of our full CABRACK, and designed for those who have an in the bed camper that over hangs the back part of the cab. This includes brands such as, Adventure Trailers Habitat, 4 wheel campers, Go Fast Campers, and Alucab. It allows you to have some usable rack space on the front half of the cab.

The biggest benefit from one over the other is one you do not have to drill into the roof of your vehicle. Both will function very much in the same way. However, on the drill option it never hurts to have that added fixed point of contact on top when carrying heavier things such as roof top tents.

Our roof rack will hold a roof top tent and 2-3 people, so about 600 lbs of static weight and about 300 lbs of dynamic weight.

*DISCLAIMER: We do not have our racks weight rated, but we have field tested them.